What We Value

  • A members self worth, dignity and integrity must be respected and protected
  • All members no matter their social or economic situation and background have something to share with the group, resources, talents, and skills
  • Our model for change requires members to learn and understand alternative life styles and choices it is staffs responsibility to facilitate an environment which allows every member to use this process
  • Members must always have a voice in the organization
  • Co-op will provide a hand up not a hand out, this is the philosophy behind all our programming
  • Members should be empowered not enabled
  • Members become more invested when they have the opportunity to be an active part of their goal plan process, including expressing their opinion in the assessment of their resources and development
  • We take a holistic approach to each member not just meeting the immediate presenting need but building all their resources in four key areas; self, home, family, career, this ensures long term success in all areas of their lives
  • Members have the right to try, fail, and succeed
  • Co-op staff must maintain clients confidentiality; trust is an essential component of the working relationship between members and staff
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