Bridget Lutz

Bridget Lutz

In her words

 My life was as normal as could be, working 35 plus hours a week and going to college full time.  I was still living at home with my parents at the time and looking forward to moving out and renting an apartment with my sister in a few months.  My whole life changed one night a few days before Halloween  cause my outlook on the world to transform through and through.  My best friend and I were on our way to visit local haunted houses and corn mazes with some other friends and worth only a few miles left till we were there, we had a head on collision with another vehicle.

I do not recall any of the events that followed for the next month and a half because I suffered from brain injury, nervedamage, a broken neck, jaw and heel.  I was in the intensive care unit at Bronson hospital for 4 weeks and I needed rehabilitation services at Mary Free Bed for a month.  This accident took  a lot  our of me, and nearly took my life.  I thank the lord everyday for giving me the opportunity to make my mark on the world.  I ‘ve spent the past year and a half recovering from my injuries and still remain off work status because of it.

The one passenger I had in my car walked away with only seat belt bruises.  The other car however carried 3 people, 2 of which were seriously injured and the third one was killed.  No one remembers what happened that night but from the evidence of the cars final positions on the road afterwards, I was believed to have been at fault.  So on top of all the issues that I had, I was charged with negligent homicide.  Thankfully, I had a good attorney that helped me to only have to pay a fine, haveprobation and serve 300 hours of community service.

Over my recovery time I met my future husband and we moved into an apartment together.  We havesuch wonderful neighbors and they suggested I speak with Teresa, his sister in law, in regards to my community service hours.  After chatting wit her I learned of the Women’s Co-op which would not only give me a place to finish up my obligations, they could assist me to find a job when I was looking , help with necessary household items and be there fro me when  I needed it.

I haven’t been a member of the Co-op for very long, but so far I have been helped out in so many ways.  I am glad to always have them to turn to for help, advice, and support for what I’ve gone through and will go through.

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