CALL FOR APPLICANTS: Woman’s Co-op Industrial Sewing Instructor needed

The Woman’s Co-op seeks a qualified seamstress, tailor or industrial sewer to lead classes in its newly launched industrial sewing program to develop high quality medical scrub uniforms for a targeted, plus size market.  The goal of the program is to increase employability and workforce skills of the women in the program, to support the mission of the Co-op.  The instructor will teach and lead four, six-week classes of 4-6 local women at a Battle Creek area location for approximately 20 hours per week, beginning in March 2017.  The instructor will report to the Executive Director of the Woman’s Co-op.  Interested applicants should submit their 1-2 page resume to the Search Selection Committee by February 15, 2017 via email only at:  Qualified applicants will then be contacted by Woman’s Co-op  staff for a personal interview and will be required to follow a pattern and prepare one prototype scrub uniform for review and approval by the Co-op Executive Director and her designees.  Fabric and the pattern to prepare the prototype will be provided by the Co-op, with a $100 stipend provided to the selected applicants at completion of their prototype scrub uniform.  Final selection of the instructor will occur after the interview and prototype process are determined to be complete by the Co-op staff.  A job description, desired attributes qualifications for the position and desired uniform specifications follow:

The instructor will provide industrial sewing training according to a schedule to be provided by the Co-op to ensure students attain proficiency on the following:

– thread machine, change bobbins, change needles, control machine

– safety and ergonomics

– industrial sewing machine basics and quality basics of stitching and fabric

– basic sewing skills and method understanding: cutting, patterns, seams, stiches and finishes including preparation of medical scrub uniforms

– reinforce program requirements of students such as: attendance, no texting or personal emails or calls during class, drug and alcohol free environment, professional conduct at all times in class

– Set standards for student proficiency, to be reviewed and approved by the Co-op.

– Provide weekly feedback to Co-op staff according to a schedule and method set for by the Co-op

Desired Attributes:

The desired candidate will be a professional or very highly skilled seamstress, tailor or industrial sewer who can demonstrate hands – on skills in a participative sewing exercise as described above.  Must be self-motivated and focused with exceptional communication skills.  Ability to lead and teach students in non-traditional learning environment while keeping in mind the social goals of the program.

Scrub uniform specifications:

the prototype scrub uniform as well as the pattern to be taught in the classes will be:

– plus size uniform (size 16 and above) to pattern with a tapered-down leg to approximately 12 inches around at the bottom of the leg.

– double stitched waist band with reinforced seat

– larger space in shoulders and bust area

– rounded neck line in scrub top as to allow more modesty when bending over a client

– pockets on the scrub top to be the square front top pockets. the pockets on the pants should be deep in nature and square.

– bright colors will be used for scrub uniform tops and bottoms wit fabric as determined by the Co-op

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