In her words

I am a single mother of a twelve year girl.  I work as direct care staff and I am taking online courses with Colorado Technology University.  I have just received my Associates degree in Science of Business Administration.  I have been through many trials in my life.  I was in an abusive marriage, I lost a child and my husband blamed me for her death.  My marriage fell apart and my health began deteriorating and I didn’t know how to pick myself up or who to turn to. 

     In December of 2006 I joined the Woman’s Co-op, this organization has helped me better my life in so many ways.  God gave me many new friends through the women of the Co-op.  I love being able to give help and support to others, and I know they will be there for me when I need them.  The Woman’s Co=-op has helped me with transportation, housing, and job skills.  Sometimes thedre are areas in my life that the Co-op cannot offer resourses, regardless they are always there to offer support.  I am so proud of myself to make so many wonderful new friends.  We are sisters who will stand by each other and pick one another up when we fall.

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