Claudette’s Story

Claudette’s Story

In her words

I came to Woman’s Co-op about four years ago and I was at the point where I was ready to give up.  I had no job, my landlord was ready to throw me and my kids out on the streets.  I happened to be at Michigan Works and there was a sign that said, “Women helping other Women”.  There was something about that sign that stuck with me.  I called and Teresa made me an appointment and when I came in Teresa and Val talked to me like a real person, like they really knew what I was feeling.  I could tell that those two women were real, which is hard to find; they don’t just talk the talk, they have no problem walking the walk. They weren’t just saying, ” yeah I understand” they really understood me.  Val instantly started helping me find a job.  Teresa dealt with my landlord, which was not very understanding but Teresa and Val didn’t give up until my landlord agreed to let me pay so much and  I could stay there.  Woman’s Co-op helped me pay what I needed.  Val and Teresa taught me that it is ok to be a single independant, strong willed woman which no one can stop.  They helped me find myself after a 11 year abusive relationship. I made a new life here for me and my kids, and  I now work full time and go to KVCC.  Now I can pay my bills and take care of my kids I owe it to those two beautiful women that seen somehing in me when I wanted to give up.  Now it’s great to see how much Woman’s Co-op has grown and to see such a strong group of women.  For me the story isn’t over, it is just beginning. 

Thank you from my heart!

Love Claudette Olivas

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