Jessie Torres

Poem written by member Jessie Torres


Life was once a struggle, I caused mostly on my own.

Down a path of destruction, I seemed to walk alone.

I took to many wrong turns; I found I was hopelessly lost.

My bad choices were fun while they lasted, but they just weren’t worth the cost.

Trying to make the right choice, I end up on a dead end street.

So many times this has happened, I’m ready to give up and retreat.

Faintly I hear footsteps, someone is coming my way. 

A woman who cares enough to stop and ask if I am okay.

I put my troubles on her shoulders, she seems to understand.

Offering to walk with me, she takes me by the hand.

As we walked along the path, she helped me overcome.

 The past is slowly diminishing in all that I’ve become.

Eventually it came time for me to once again walk alone.

But I knew then I was stronger; I could do it on my own.

Today I saw a woman as lost as I once was.

I realize how much it changed my life, just having someone I could trust.

I decided to make a difference, to reach out like someone once did for me.

And by her side I will remain until she is ready to be set free.

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