Lakita Lynette Lewis

Lakita Lynette Lewis 

In her words

I had just moved from Lansing to Battle Creek and I was looking for a church.  One day I saw a tall dome looking building that interested me.  There was a sign out front that read “Trinity Lutheran Church”.  I have never been to a Lutheran church before so it was definitely something new. 

It was a Sunday morning I walked through the long antique looking doors and was greeted kindly by almost everyone I met.  I didn’t feel left out or like an outcast; I actually felt like people were truly happy to see me and really wanted me to return for fellowship and worship. 

Service went on as scheduled at the end of service a stampede of people convinced me to go to coffee hour.  At coffee hour a lady with strawberry blond hair came up to me and introduced herself as Teresa Phillips.  As we chatted one of the things I remember her saying is “Girl you ought to  be a part  of Woman’s Co-op”. 

So I became a member and since that day  I don’t feel lonely because with God, Co-op and Trinity Lutheran Church life is vibrant.  Co-op has been a moving force in my life.  I think it was God’s way of saying “the fight is not yours it is the Lord’s and I have some women who have your back”. 

They have been there and done that.  God said “you do not get just one shoulder to cry on you have many shoulders to cry on”.  Co-op is one of my homes I feel at comfort almost like when a baby needs a pacifier to feel at peace; that’s how I found Co-op and that’s why I’m staying.

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