Marilyn Ashly

Marilyn Ashly

In her words

My daughter Ginger joined the Woman’s Co-op in 2008.  Before joining, she carried around a lot of anger towards her son’s father.  She was fighting for supervised visits for her son Alec with his father.  But the court would not find in Ginger’s favor.  At this time she began attending a class through Co-op called ” Love and Forgivness” and convinced me to attend it with her. 


I don’t get out much and it’s difficult for me to meet new people, so my first time at the Co-op was hard.  I was feeling very shy and did not interact with any of the women in the class.  But as the classes progressed we interacted and began to share parts of our life with each other.  Through this time I watched my daughter’s outlook and attitude change in many ways, the largest being in relation to Alec’s father.  Ginger was able to accept the courts decision and instead of fighting against Danny, she began working with him to benefit Alec.  I believe tht without the experience of the class Ginger never would have reached this milestone.  I decided if they could help her, I should keep attending as well. 


I have struggled through much of m life without any support.  After a marriage of thirty one years, I decided to leave my husband and the abuse.  I had no where to go and only my daughter to turn to.  She took me in and ecouraged me to stick with Co-op.  Through my time as a member they have helped me find a home and furnishings.  Above all they supported me.  They became my shoulder to cry on, my source of uplifting strengh and love, my new family.

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