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Woman's Co-opWoman’s Co-op is a resource in which a woman who is experiencing social, economic and emotional instability can collectively work with other women toward the goal of achieving independence for herself and her family.
This collective approach is much like the early American Pioneers who raised barns together, shared food resources, and provided mutual protection – all in an effort to become self-sufficient.
The following collection is some of our members’ stories.

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In her words………

“To all , though mostly I think closely to the meaning of my life with the Woman’s Co-op. I treasure the value of an authentic self, as the Woman’s Co-op has always provided not by approval but by a this woman’s determination to make a better life. It’s says much about any Woman’s story, but not quite like the one that tells you the truth. In which this organization wants you to be only but who you are meant to be. Independent, strong, self aware and a shine in your most darkest hours. The Woman’s Co-op isn’t for subtracting titles, but there to help in adding to that determination in which you’ve always felt incapable to conceive. The Co-op is not giving by innocent, but by the declaration of a woman on a purpose. Thank you Teresa Marie Momenee and Valerie Whitney for introducing me to a new way of inspiring life and empowering others through your empathy and dedication!”


In mostly her words……

I am the married mother of two with a foster child.  After the birth of our second child my husband stayed home to care for our infant and I returned to work.  It was a struggle financially for us but with the cost of daycare both of us working didn’t add much to our monthly budget.  When we weighed this with our insecurity of putting our infant in daycare the decision was easy.  Fter two years my husband wanted to return to work s we decided to switch places.  A year later when our daughter turned three I returned to work and she began attending daycare.  Returning to work has been good.  Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom but two incomes make a difference for us and I know to secure our future we need to be on career paths.  Recently I began checking into summer daycare since our son and foster child will need full time daycare when school ends for the summer. I was crusehd by the reality of cost.  Once again we can’t afford for both of us to work.  I thought maybe we could qualify for daycare assistance but with two incomes we don’t.  The reality there is if I quit my job with one income we will qualify for food assistance.  I am so frustrated! So welfare will not help me to work and afford daycare but they will give me food assistance when I can’t.  Hey somebody if you help me with the daycare I can feed my own family and possibly make a future for us!


This is the system at “fail” Can you fix that!


That is why as part of your 2014 programming team I cheer loudly about educating others in the community about what poverty is really like. 


In her words…

My name is Denise, and this is my story.  Today while doing volunteer work in the Co-op office I over heard Teresa, Val and Zoe talking about the amount of minimum wage. Read more

Claudette’s Story

In her words

I came to Woman’s Co-op about four years ago and I was at the point where I was ready to give up.  Read more.

 Karenna’s story

In her words

 My name is Karenna.  I am the second child of five children my mother had within her seven marriages.  When I was a child whenever there was a problem we moved.  I went to several schools and had a lot of difficulty understanding much of anything.  During this time in my life two men that I trusted, my step dad and my step grandfather sexually abused me.  As I grew older it stopped but it shaped how I thought and choices I would make later. Read more


In her words

I was 15 years old when I had my first child.  We were a poor family and had just moved from Texas to Tennessee six days before Josh was born.    Read more


In her words

My life was as normal as could be, working 35 hours a week and going to college full time.  I was still living at home with my parents at the time and looking forward to moving out and renting an apartment with my sister in a few months.  Read more

Lakita Lynette Lewis

In her words

I had just moved from Lansing to Battle Creek and I was looking for a church.  One day I saw a tall dome looking building that interested me.  Read more

Jessie Torres

A Poem written by a member

Life was once a struggle, I caused mostly on my own.  Down a path of destruction, I seemed to walk alone.  I took too many wrong turns; I found I was hopelessly lost.  Read more

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