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How I heard about Woman’s Co-op is when I was in the homeless shelter.  Even when I was in jail I found out my sister was involved in the Co-op.  Why I joined the Co-op was to be able to complete my goals that I wanted to acomplish.  I wanted to be abe to know more women in my community and to help them. 

I have been in the Co-op for a year-n-half and what I have gotten out of Co-op is a family, friendship, trust, strenght, courage, and peace with myself.  I have supported the Co-op by joining service committees, watching the office and answering phones, supporting programs and cleaning the church.  I help other women in my community when they need it, even if its just with an ear to listen. 

My future within the Co-op is hopeful.  I want to work with other women who went through the same situations I have gone through and to let them see it gets better.  I have talked to alot of women to join but so far noe of them have.  I have been throgh alot since I joined. 

I am in college now, studying Human Services, thanks to a special person telling me I could do it, thank you Teresa.  I got rid of an abusive boyfriend, which took me a while to get the courage to leave him, thank you Teresa.  Some of the women at Co-op helped to open my eyes to see that I was better off without him in my life.  They were right.  Co-op is my second family that I greatly thank for being there.  I am on the right track now where I am going to stay! and I will help others to get there too!

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