Bubbles of Hope


Bubbles of Hope Laundry Soap: $7.99
(Purchases are ready for pickup within 24 hours at the office. Please call us at 1-269-966-8988 to schedule a convenient pick up time.)

 In 2007 our Co-op Store Committee was struggling to keep enough laundry soap on the shelf. One of the committee members suggested making our own brand of soap.  Although the concept was new to most, they were willing to try.  By 2009 our brand had become so popular in the Co-op Store, that top brands were being passed over for the “simply made by our sisters” brand.  In 2010 the Members Needs Committee pitched the concept of selling our brand to the greater community.
The revenue could help support programs like the Co-op Store and Member Needs……..and the rest is history.
“Bubbles of Hope” is all natural and much like the laundry soap our great grandmothers used.  The best part, every bottle sold supports a woman in your community being able to attend work or school.

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