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The adage “Give a (wo) man a fish and she eats for a day. Teach a (wo) man to fish and she eats for a lifetime” has never had more meaning than it does for Co-op. Members meet regularly and help each other using their God-given talents (from sewing to auto mechanics) and personal resources (food, vehicle, babysitting ect.) Co-op members’ work together to solve their problems and unite to solve their communities with a focused attention to the root causes of poverty among women and their families.

We help members develop a personal plan to get the necessary education, training and support to secure and maintain employment. Services and programs for members and their families focus on personal development, with emphasis on education.  Parenting, family wellness, home management, and self-wellness are core program components.

The program is a hand up not a hand out. Co-op learns from and addresses members’ needs by involving them in decision-making through committee service and encouraging volunteerism within their community.  As a result, members can grow as individuals to more effectively care for themselves and their families.

Through the generosity of community minded people like you, Woman’s Co-op has had the privilege of serving more than two thousand families since its conception in 2004. Fulfilling our vision of “Helping women succeed in all aspects of their lives – cooperating to build a stronger community.”

We know there are many worthy causes across our community and the need is great.  It is our hope that you will consider supporting Woman’s Co-op and help us to continue supporting families in lifting themselves out of poverty.


With gratitude always,

Dr. Elishae Johnson, Board President

Teresa Momenee Young, Executive Director




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