Reflections from our Executive Director and Co-Founder

Woman's Co-opIt began in the fall of 2004.  Two women with families brought together what food they had.  They made a meal that started a conversation.  What they discovered was that when two come together they are stronger than separately.  When three, four and more join in, the added numbers becomes courage and from courage comes action.

To think it all started with, a few pork chops, beans and applesauce.  Melissa said, “we need to be in the friend business.” And from that moment we set out to draw other women in that shared similar situations. The first night as a group ten women came to the circle.  And the notebook of “needs” was started.  We sought out creative ways to help each other through their individual challenges.

A friendship circle was born. Genuine concern for others grew from the time spent together learning about the lives of others.  Everyone needs to be accepted, to develop friends.” And the group provided that.  The soon-to-be Woman’s Co-op was meeting a need in the lives of women in Battle Creek.

These women all reached a point of change in their lives.  Each had a wayward compass that suddenly found north so to speak.  They were now collectively moving in the same direction, and while they may not have realized it at first, they soon became a wave with its own current pulling other women towards it.  Otherwise put, a magnet with the strength that could stand against the pull of distractions and challenges that would normally have kept them going in circles.

Why Co-op? Where does the passion come from? Simply put – it comes from “love” Love that is celebrated, love that is lost, love that hurts us, and love that saves us.  This is why Co-op started and why it continues today.  The programs are for transformation and opportunity but what calls and keeps us is the love and acceptance we find there.

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